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[Rainbow Bracelet: MIA] Healing + Peace + Protection
[Rainbow Bracelet: MIA] Healing + Peace + Protection

[Rainbow Bracelet: MIA] Healing + Peace + Protection

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Amber: Courage + Protection + Self-Healing + Peace + Trust + Wisdom

Star Cut Clear Quartz: Manifestation + Focus + Unlocks Memory + Cleansing + Clarity + Healing

Lavender Amethyst: Dreams + Sleep + Peace + Love + Courage + Happiness + Healing

Morganite: Unconditional Love + Forgiveness

Rose Quartz: Forgiveness + Love + Self-Esteem + Self-love + Compassion + Emotional healing + Calmness + Peace + Spirituality

Ruby Tourmaline: Confidence + Disperses emotional pain + Peace

White Coral: Protection + Enhance Communication + Confidence + Strength



Genuine natural crystal beads with elastic threading and 14k gold-plated accessories.

The bracelet comes with beads of varying sizes and fits 14cm wrist size. Drop us a note if you wish to adjust the size. :)

All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. There may be slight cracks and small chips as the crystals are all natural formation.