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[Bracelet: EMORY] Calming + Luck + Protection
[Bracelet: EMORY] Calming + Luck + Protection

[Bracelet: EMORY] Calming + Luck + Protection

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Green Strawberry Quartz: Gain Hidden Knowledge + Balance Psyche and Emotions + Soothing and Calming for Work + Amplify Intentions of Love, Gratitude and Generosity

Citrine: Wealth + Abundance + Happiness + Creativity + Concentration

Jade: Serenity + Luck + Protection + Wealth + Peace

Pearl: Sincerity + Purity + Integrity + Wisdom + Transformation

White Coral: Protection + Enhance Communication + Confidence + Strength

**Comes with a detachable money bag charm**



Genuine natural crystal beads with 14k gold-plated spacers and chain.

The bracelet comes with beads of varying sizes and fits 13-19cm wrist size. 

All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. There may be slight cracks and small chips as the crystals are all natural formation.